Welcome to Marvel Champions Monthly: A Fan Podcast about the game Marvel Champions designed by Caleb Grace and Michael Boggs at Fantasy Flight Games. Join hosts: KennedyHawk, Crimson, Lester, and Amerikano as we discuss our favorite card game – Marvel Champions! A great community has begun to form around this game and we wanted to celebrate that with a series of brief community interviews. We’ve prerecorded several interviews with community members and other content creators to create a Worldmind episode. We hope you enjoy this perspective from the Marvel Champions Community.

Guest Hosts Include:
ApotropaiC (Youtube)
Remedy (Alter-Egos Podcast)
CarlosM88 (Deck-celsior Podcast)
MightyJim (The Card Game Cooperative)
Norther_Lights_Over_Arkham (Youtube)
Jedi Geek Girl (I Rebel Destiny)
Vardaen (Critical Encounters)
BananaCrapshoot (The Side Scheme)
Supersonick (Crappy Comics)