The Card Text: Keywords

Welcome to the Card Text. Join hosts Scott, ApotropaiC, and Theorel as they discuss the keywords in Marvel Champions. Be sure to tune in and receive a tune up from the crew on – the Card Text! You can follow the Card Text socially on Twitter:

Ep. 19 – You Spin Me Right Round (Introducing the Card Text a Mini-Podcast)

Welcome to Marvel Champions Monthly: A Fan Podcast about the game Marvel Champions designed by Caleb Grace and Michael Boggs at Fantasy Flight Games. Join hosts: ApotropaiC, Scott Plays, and Theorel…. wait who are these hosts? This is a special episode where we introduce and get to know the hosts of “The Card Text” a new mini-podcast on the Marvel Champions Monthly feed. These three hosts will talk to you all about recent rulings and tricky situations in the game Marvel Champions. This introduction is a stand-alone episode but future content may appear as a mini-podcast segment within the typical MCM episodes. Either way this content will be in addition to the recordings we perform every other week. We hope you enjoy these three hosts as they try to tackle their first tricky topic: YOU!

  • 0:00 Intros
  • 01:30 The Card Text Intro
  • 2:00 Host Introductions
  • 5:50 Rulings to Be Covered
  • 27:00 Listener Question

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