Decked Halls 2020: She-Hulk Leadership

This holiday season KennedyHawk returns to his Decked Halls series and brings each hero a gift with a new deck built using his least used aspect for each hero. For the next 13 days this miniseries will provide a short deck overview of a deck Kennedy is enjoying this winter season. Whatever holiday you celebrate we hope it brings you joy and look forward to an amazing 2021. Today’s deck is all about buffing up. Do you even lift bro? I lift my share of the battle using Moxie and Morale Boost!

She-Hulk Leadership MarvelCDB Decklist: Link


Mojoverse Video Roundup #1

Hey everyone,

This article is a video round-up highlighting some of the recent content from our channel and around the Marvel Champions globe. We’ll do these occasionally to show some cool highlights.

Feeling Green?

Can’t wait to get a hold of Hulk in August? Us either – for now we’ll have to do with She-Hulk. In this video KennedyHawk takes She-Hulk / Protection on against Rhino in a quick Deck Tech and Gameplay.


Crimson overviews a fan-made custom hero set of Wolvering a.k.a. Logan! How does this fan-content hold up? Find out with Crimson in this video!

Community Highlight: Dale the Casual Gamer

In this video, Dale the Casual Gamer, plays a 2-handed game against Green Goblin using the team-up from the Winter Soldier. Do Steve and Natasha have what it takes?

Heroic Intuition: She-Hulk / Jennifer Walters (Hero Kit Inspection)

It’s time for another Hero Kit Inspection with Amerikano. Is She-Hulk a smashing success – or a raging monster? This is the third hero kit inspection in Amerikano’s series – will he do Crimson proud – or take him to Justice?

This article’s topic: Jennifer Walters a.k.a. the Savage She-Hulk!

Jennifer Walters’s ability to prevent 1 threat from being placed on a scheme is nice. It would’ve been even nicer if it was once per phase. That may have been too powerful, though.


She-Hulk’s automatic 2 damage when you flip to Hero form may cause you to switch over to Alter-Ego more than normal. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing with Walters’s hand size of 6 to She-Hulk’s 4. Plus, this hero kit has plenty of ways to deal with the villain’s schemes.

and Stomping!

Cards I Love:

Focused Rage – exhaust and take 1 damage to draw a card. Card draw is king in a card game. Exhausting the upgrade? Normal. Taking 1 damage? Not a problem. You start with 15 hit points and have a REC of 5.


Split Personality – I didn’t like this card at first, but it is so thematic and it’s unique to her deck. I can imagine the scenario where threat is under control and you really need to recover but want to get rid of a pesky minion. Flip to Hero form. Bam! “Do you even lift?” Play Split Personality to return to Alter-Ego to REC. Also, you then get to draw up to your hand size. You may even end up with some Alter-Ego Action upgrades in hand. (Editor’s note: Check out She-Hulk Vol. 1 Law and Disorder from 2014 for some major Split Personality action)

Getting mad at the mirror… literally

 Cards I Like:

One-Two Punch – take our scenario above. Flip to Hero form. 2 damage to an enemy. Basic ATK for 3. Play One-Two punch. Your hero is ready to thwart or attack again. But it’s She-Hulk. You’ll probably be attacking a second time. I’m a fan of cards that let you ready your identity.

Legal Practice – with your innate Alter-Ego ability plus this, you get some decent threat removal. 


Cards I Dislike:

Gamma Slam – cost of 4 with a hand size of 4? Ouch. Plus, it needs to be in hand when your health is low to really take advantage of it. But, you’re likely taking a lot of damage as She-Hulk which will allow you to deal a lot of damage at once.


Hellcat – 4 thwart for 3 isn’t very good. If you choose to block, you’re likely going to be sending her to your discard pile and completely lose out on her ability.


Alright. There’s my take on the hero cards of everyone’s second favorite lawyer-superhero 😉

Let me know what you think. Thanks for reading!