Stealth Strike Ep. 2 – Shadows Deja Vu

Get in and Get out – complete the mission. I wish that’s how my games went. The minipodcast Stealth Strike continues with a second mission in our debut series. In this mini-series your host KennedyHawk will play and narrate games using a single deck. Our patrons have set up a tough line up of four villains for me. I’ll begin on Standard and each time I win I will increase the difficulty level so if I go 3-0 I’ll end up in a finale at heroic level 2! This is a new experimental type of episode where you get to experience some game-play along with me and hopefully feel like you are right there at the table. These will hopefully get better as they continue but be sure to let me know what things you enjoy and want things you don’t.

This second episode pits our Natasha a.k.a. the Black Widow deck against Expert Klaw with the Power Drain module, Another annoying minion makes a guest appearance but is it enough to stop the widow? Two more missions to go in our gauntlet after this and we’ll see what our record is with this SHIELD themed deck.


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