Ep. 8.5 – Notes from an Alpha Flight Crewmen

Lester makes his triumphant return in this short issue 8.5.  Spoiler warning we discuss a potential hero to be revealed by FFG next week!

Lester gives us his feedback on our last Deck Garage and we do some rules pop-quizes about status cards. Lester gives us his opinions on Black Widow since he missed out in Episode 8. Next month we’ll have all three hosts together in one issue again!

00:00 Intros
01:00 Recent Plays
05:10 The Pulse – News Segment
10:45 Tony Stark’s Deck Garage Recap (Discuss Iron Man Leadership Further
18:30 Iron Man Lore Discussion
29:00 Jennifer Walters Rules Lawyer Minute (Rules topic discussion on Status Cards!)
43:40 Lester’s Black Widow Opinions