MCM #57: Interview with the Sun Behind the Mad Titan’s Shadow

Welcome to Marvel Champions Monthly: a fan podcast about the game Marvel Champions! Join Amerikano, Attercop, Crimson, and Kennedy with Special Guest – Game Designer – Caleb Grace as we talk all about the Mad Titan’s Shadow and Wave 4 hero packs! Thanks for coming on the show Caleb!

MCM Match-up: Play against the Hood with the Infinity Gauntlet attached at Set-up. The first modular set mixed in must be the Black Order: Reporting

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MCM #53: Gettin’ Dicey – An Interview with the Marvel Dice Throne Team!

Welcome to Marvel Champions Monthly: a fan podcast about the game Marvel Champions  – well wait today not so much – it’s a podcast episode about the current ongoing Marvel Dice Throne kickstarter. This is one of Kennedy’s favorite games mashed up with a new marvel seasonal theme. Join Kennedy and Amerikano as we talk with Manny Trembley and Gavan Brown about their current ongoing kickstarter!

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MCM #42: You Stand Accused (Interview with Michael Boggs)

Welcome to Marvel Champions Monthly: a fan podcast about the game Marvel Champions! Join Kennedy and special co-host Michael Boggs as we delve into the details of the design of Galaxy’s Most Wanted and the follow-on Guardians hero packs! Thanks to Michael for all the insight!

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Not ‘Nuff Said – #3 – Not ‘Nuff Said: Bang Charlie / Who’s a Skrull? (Comic Chat with Caleb Grace)

Welcome to Not ‘Nuff Said – a MCM production. In this series KennedyHawk and Attercop discuss their love of comics alternating between talking about recent issues they have picked up and issues that tie directly into the Lore of Marvel Champions the Card Game. Check out FFG’s webpage for more information about Marvel Champions!

In this issue – Kennedy and Attercop discuss two comic series with game designer Caleb Grace. First we chat about X-Men #1 (1991) and then wrap up with a short chat about Secret Invasion and many other marvel crossover events. We find out why our favorite game is in great hands by hearing Caleb gush over his love of comics which really shows in this awesome game. Kennedy and Attercop are mainly here for comic relief and tech support as our recording robot dies main painful deaths.

Issues discussed:

X-Men #1 (1991)

Secret Invasion

Episode 12 – Widow’s Bite (Design Insight Interview with Matt Newman)

Join a reduced crew: KennedyHawk and Crimson along with special guest Matt Newman to discuss the design and stories behind the Black Widow hero pack. This episode is bite-sized but packs quite a sting. Let us know if you like the designer insight interview and we’ll try to line more of them up in the future! Special thanks to Matt for coming on the show and sharing all his thoughts and intents with the amazing Black Widow design!

Show notes…

  • 0:00 Intros
  • 1:00 Get to know Matt Newman (design for the Black Widow hero kit and other great games at Fantasy Flight Games!)
  • 7:00 Black Widow Design Discussion
  • 32:20 Arkham Horror LCG Primer
  • 35:30 End Interview!

Check out more information about the Black Widow hero pack on the Fantasy Flight Games website.

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Ep. 3 – Investigative Journalism (Pre-Launch Designer Interview)

Take a break from potential prerelease weekend [or waiting weekend ;)] and join hosts KennedyHawk, Crimson, and Lester as they talk with special guests Michael Boggs and Caleb Grace.

We chat about the design of Marvel Champions LCG, reflect on other games designed, and gush over the exciting mechanics in Marvel Champions!

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