Welcome to Marvel Champions Monthly: a Fan Podcast. We are a (now) twice a month podcast about Marvel Champions the card game by Fantasy Flight Games. In this Episode join hosts: KennedyHawk, Crimson, and Amerikano as we go over various topics. We discuss a fun way to deck build for Marvel Champions, using the shuffle building concepts of AEG’s Smash Up. We provide 25 card decks (one for each aspect) that are meant to be versatile and shuffled in with any hero. Once Black Widow is publishable on MarvelCDB we’ll release them there. Finally, we dissect the nefarious villain phase and break down the exact steps that occur when a Villain activates!

Show Notes
0:00 Intro, News, Recent Plays
8:30 Carol Danvers Casual Champions
10:00 Super-Hero Smash Up (Justice)
17:30 Super-Hero Smash Up (Leadership)
23:50 Super-Hero Smash Up (Protection)
32:50 Super-Hero Smash Up (Aggression)
36:45 Rules Lawyer Debate: Villain Activation

Join the MCM Podcast crew: KennedyHawk, Crimson, Lester, and Amerikano as they discuss Black widow and eagerly await her release. We discuss some recent plays and Crimson leads the Tony Stark Deck Garage segment into an interesting build of Black Widow Protection: Always Ready Widow (which uses new cards from both Widow’s and Dr. Stanges pack). In the second half of the episode we discuss our favorite cards in Black Widow’s pack and talk about the lore relationship between Winter Soldier and Natasha!

0:00 Intros and Quarantine Survival Check
3:00 Recent Plays
13:00 Tony Stark’s Deck Garage – Black Widow / Protection with Crimson
30:00 Black Widow – Favorite Cards
51:00 Brief Lore Discussion

Welcome to Episode 9 of Marvel Champions Monthly…
a podcast about the Marvel Champions LCG by Fantasy Flight Games!

Join hosts: KennedyHawk, Crimson, and Lester as we discuss an arrange of topics including: recent news, a new deck garage primer, the latest RRG update, opinions on Wrecking Crew, and a recap on Dr. Strange spoilers.

This month we help Lester build a Black Panther – Aggression deck using some of the new cards from Thor’s pack! Will Crimson try out this deck or is it a Wakanda For-Never?

0:00:00 Intro
0:01:45 News Segment
0:05:37 When We Last Saw Our Heroes (Recent Plays)
0:16:15 Tony Stark’s Deck Garage (Black Panther Aggression)
0:34:45 Marvel Comic Reading Club (Black Widow Lore)
0:41:47 Jennifer Walter’s Rules Lawyer Minute (RRG Updates)
1:00:30 Meanwhile In a Secret Lair (Modular Set Review and Strategy vs Legions of Hydra)
1:07:00 Crimson mysteriously vanishes
1:15:30 SHIELD Villain Database (Wrecking Crew Discussion)
1:30:00 New Hero Recap (Dr. Strange Spoilers)
1:43:00 A Hero Returns (Crimson rejoins us to discuss Wrecking Crew and Dr. Strange)

KennedyHawk here. I wanted to type up a deck-tech on one of the decks I’ve been running. Each week I’ll be posting a deck-tech or some other article to our Podbean site so be sure to follow us on Podbean or facebook to get the latest updates. This week’s article will focus on a Captain America / Leadership deck – that is NOT all about his allies! Instead, we will focus on Captain America’s awesome statline and ability: “I Can Do This All Day!”. Most people recognize this from the Captain America movies but it really embodies Cap’s spirit to give his most. The images used on this blog-post are from the Hall of Heroes website. Be sure to check out their site as it’s a top notch resource for the Marvel Champions LCG community! (Thanks HoH!)

Join KennedyHawk and Crimson for a January issue of Marvel Champions Monthly. Lester was frozen in the North but we’ll get his comments later this month. In this episode we discuss recent Marvel Champions News, Recent Plays, Team Build a Deck, Argue about Indirect Damage and eventually discuss Black Widow spoilers!