When the Marvel Champions Core Set first dropped, we were given five heroes, three villains, and five modular encounter sets, not to mention four aspects. This provided an amazing amount of variety straight out of the core set:

5 Heroes x 4 Aspects = 20 basic hero modes to play
3 Villains x 5 Modular Encounter Sets = 15 villain / encounter match-ups to face
If you took every hero in every aspect through every villain / encounter match-up, you’d have 300 games to play.

Welcome to Marvel Champions Monthly: A Fan Podcast about the game Marvel Champions designed by Caleb Grace and Michael Boggs at Fantasy Flight Games. Join hosts: ApotropaiC, Scott Plays, and Theorel…. wait who are these hosts? This is a special episode where we introduce and get to know the hosts of “The Card Text” a new mini-podcast on the Marvel Champions Monthly feed. These three hosts will talk to you all about recent rulings and tricky situations in the game Marvel Champions. This introduction is a stand-alone episode but future content may appear as a mini-podcast segment within the typical MCM episodes. We hope you enjoy these three hosts as they try to tackle their first tricky topic: YOU!