MCM #33: Roleplayers!

Welcome to Marvel Champions Monthly – a podcast about the game Marvel Champions. Today your hosts are KennedyHawk and Crimson with special guests BananaCrapshoot (from the Side Scheme) and Andy N (youtube) from the community facebook group. Normally in a game of champions, your aspect very much defines your “role” on the team in a multiplayer setting. Today – we go over alternate roles each aspect can play by going over four decklists. Be on the lookout for more Role Player episodes on the main MCM show as we juggle around these roles!

  • KennedyHawk’s Minion Handler Leadership Deck (link)
  • BananaCrapshoots’s Threat Management Aggression Deck (link)
  • Andy’s Villain Punching Protection Deck (link)
  • Crimson’s Controlling Defender Justice Deck

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Power of #2: Thor with BananaCrapshoot

Welcome to Power of… a MCM Production. In each issue Episode of Power Of we will focus on one hero and a fun way to play them with each of the four aspects contained in Marvel Champions. Each episode an MCM host is joined with a guest from the community to focus on one of their favorite heroes. For this second official “Power of” Episode we have Banana Crapshoot from The Side Scheme Podcast. Mr. Banana brings decks for his favorite hero: Thor and you can find a ton of great podcast and article content in the links below. For now… let’s uncover the Power of: Thor – God of Thunder!

The Side Scheme Podcast

Thor Protection (List to be posted soon!)

Thor Leadership by KennedyHawk

Thor Aggression by BananaCrapshoot

+Thor Justice by KennedyHawk