Spider-Woman Music Playlist

This is the second list by KennedyHawk a brief description to the inclusion of each song is enclosed below and this song is for when you want to play a fun duel-wielding Spider-Woman deck. Now pick two aspects and go undercover! If you have any suggestions to add to the list make sure to send them to marvel[email protected] so we can adapt and add to this list.

Comfort Eagle by Cake… This is a great trippy Cake song that is about a jack-of-all trades and just sets to the tone for me when I’m making a Spider-Woman deck. The temptation is so strong to add all the things in and it’s hard to make decisions. This song makes fun of me for it.

Only Happy When It Rains by Garbage… Had to find some great female alternative music for this list and this was the first song that came to me. Spider-Woman has one of the most constantly tragic comic backstories. It’s constantly re-written and it always ends up traumatic for Jessica.

Thunder by Imagine Dragons… Spider-Woman certainly brings the Thunder. That’s all I need to say for this tune. Spider-Woman is definitely not a follower and paves her own path. The lightning before the thunder.

Take It or Leave It by Cage the Elephant… Another song I jam to when trying to squeeze the right number of the right aspect cards into a Spider-Woman deck. “Oh why… won’t you make up your mind” it’s like they are yelling at me.

Pheromones by Sam Page… If you need the scientific definition of how Spider-Woman’s leadership card works. This card is for you. Stunned at this songs inclusion? Maybe confused even?

Programmerz by Robert Rodriguez… Alright I wanted some spy music on here but nothing James Bond or Mission Impossible style. Where to go but Spy Kids 3-D. One of the dopest and dramatic spy songs from that movie needed an inclusion. Very creepy – all instrumental.

Double Agent by Rush… Keeping with the Spy theme it’s hard to not include at least one double agent song. Maybe this playlist says more about how I struggle with dual aspect deck building than it does about Spider-Woman!

Spitting Venom by Modest Mouse… Okay not exactly a Venom Blast but a catchy tune with a beat that keeps you shuffling at a fun tempo.

Undercover Martyn by Two Door Cinema Club… Catchy tune with an undercover theme. Keeps you amped as you pump your stats. Really enjoy playing games with this song on.

Dreams by the Cranberries…. I think this song encapsulates how everyone’s felt when they saw the Spider-Woman deck building mechanic. It’s a thing of dreams, but is it quite what it seems?

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing by Set It Off… This song probably summarizes how the other avengers feel when on a team with Spider-Woman. Just how uncertain are her loyalties?