Quicksilver’s Playlist

Another playlist by KennedyHawk a brief description to the inclusion of each song is enclosed below. Songs about speed and well – more speed! If you have any suggestions to add to the list make sure to send them to marvelchampionsmonthly@gmail.com so we can adapt and add to this list. Remember, you can find the previous playlists on the Awesome Mix page (hopefully more lists completed soon!)

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger by Daft Punk… I really like this jam – it’s been a favorite for a long time and it remind me of Quicksilver’s uncanny ability to ready not just once per round but often – many times per round!

Can’t Stop by Red Hot Chili Peppers… Like many players – I assure once you pick up this hero pack you won’t be able to stop playing Pietro. His ability to ready just makes him a fun character to build into a one-turn-kill deck.

Runaway by Bon Jovi… This song has it all: daddy issues, a running from something theme, and an uptempo beat.

The Distance by Cake… My love of the band Cake returns. This race themed song really matched Quicksilver’s theme perfectly. A bit cocky, and a perfectly like Pietro.

On the Run by Pink Floyd… I like to envision this is what Pietro here’s as he zooms around at super-speed. Classic Pink Floyd stuff here.

Walk This Way by Run DMC / Aerosmith… While Quicksilver doesn’t do much walking this song can’t help but get you dancing in your seat at the gaming table. Be sure to move your cards around super fast as the songs playing as if “you” are Pietro.

U Can’t Touch This by MC Hammer… Really, no explanation needed. This is the Quicksilver – Protection theme song. Just keep defending with a pumped DEF stat and laugh as the villain can’t damage you.

Jump Around by House Of Pain… My University of Wisconsin roots pushed me here. Another song that will have you bobbing your head as you play some great Marvel Champions. Pietro is the king of getting whatever activation he needs and jumping in to punch, thwart or defend.

Runaway Baby by Bruno Mars… As I write up these articles I play games with the feature character and see what the songs do for me. This song sums up my take on Quicksilver. If I were to every write Quicksilver the musical – this song would definitely be in there as he is torn between multiple allegiances.

Suckerpunch by Bowling For Soup… Another song I really enjoy – while it’s not super themed with Quicksilver he does throw a lot of sucker-punches in the comics. Mainly this is on here because it’s one of my favorite songs on my long run playlist, sorry, not sorry.

Speed by The Smashing Pumpkins… See song title…

Feel Good Inc. by Gorillaz… This song gives me some Quicksilver vibes. Fast lyrical verses. A feeling of constant motion. Again, that cockiness we all know Pietro has.

Speedster by Damien… Warning some explicit lyrics here – – but honestly one of my favorite songs about speed and running and even superherodom. Coincidentally, another song from my running playlist.