Marvel Champions Monthly Content

Welcome to Marvel Champions Monthly! We are a fan podcasting, article writing, and video making crew focused on Marvel comics and the game Marvel Champions! We divide our content into three categories.

Audio Issues

These are typically podcast episodes. We began in September of 2019 at a monthly pace (like a monthly Marvel comic mag) but have since increased to recording every other week. This has helped keep our episodes shorter, more focused and more frequent! Starting in July 2020 you’ll be able to find an Episode posted every other Sunday!

To see a list of audio issues check out the audio issue category link.

Article Issues

These are typically written articles. We began putting out articles in February of 2020. You can check out Article Issues content area to see the latest by us as we strive to put out quality (typically weekly articles). Articles cover topics such as – New Player Guides, Deck Techs, Marvel Champions Art, Deep Cuts into Lore, and many more topics! We are also taking submissions for articles reach out to us on discord or Facebook to learn how to submit to be featured on the site (this is how we picked up a 4th host).

To see a list of article issues check out the article issue category link.

Video Issues

These are typically videos posted to YouTube. You can check out our YouTube channel here where we put up videos on Marvel Champions and other Marvel Games. Topics include: Deck Overviews, Custom Content Review, Gameplay Videos, Card Reviews, and More! Occasionally, we will put together an article linking to a few of our recent videos and videos from other community members that we enjoy.

To see a list of these video highlight articles check out the video issue category link.