Marvel Champions Card Art Index

The crew at MCM has been floored by the game Marvel Champions and it really has us investing time in the source material behind the cards. We’ve begun an index of the card art from the game and will be posting some of the art we find each Monday and Friday to our social media outlets!

As we amass this panel art collection we will list the comic issues they are found in here. Click on the card name to see the panel art and the issue name to see the issue summary on the Marvel website.

Card NameExpansionNumberIssueArtists
InspiredCore74Guardians of the Galaxy #1 (2013)Steve McNiven
John Dell
Justin Ponsor
For Justice!Core60All-New Captain America #4 (2014)Stuart Immonen
Wade Von Grawbadger
Marte Gracia
Counter-PunchCore77Defenders #9 (2017)David Marquez
Justin Ponsor
Chase Them DownCore52Captain Marvel #8 (2016)Kris Anka
Matt Wilson
Andy Owens
GeniusCore89Doctor Strange: The Best Defense #1 (2018)Ron Garney
Shield TossCaptain America6Marvel Adventures: Super-Heroes #3 (2010)Ronan Cliquet
Make the CallCore71New Avengers #25 (2004)Jim Cheung
Justin Ponsor
Gang-UpCore189Captain America #29 (2002)Dave Johnson
Second WindThor33Fantastic Four Vol. 6 Issue #7 (alt cover)Valerio Schiti
Biomechanical UpgradesCore185Fall of the Hulks: Red Hulk #1 (2010)Carlos Rodriguez
Vincente Cifuentes
Guru eFX
Bring the Hammer DownKree Fanatic4Annihilators #2 (2010)Tan Eng Huat
Victor Olazaba
June Chung
Kree ManipulationCore178Captain Marvel #14 (2012)Scott Hepburn
Andy Troy
Yon-Rogg’s TreasonCore179Captain Marvel #14 (2012)Scott Hepburn
Andy Troy
Med-TeamCore80Deathlok #5 (2014)Mike Perkins
Deadly ShotBlack WidowAnt-Man #2 (2015)