Hydra Rising – Community Content Crossover

Promotional image courtesy of Hall of Cards

With the launch of the brand new Rise of Red Skull campaign box, content creators from around the globe will be covering all things HYDRA in heroic fashion! Are you on the side of the valorous Agents of SHIELD or the filthy Agents of Hydra! Each week I’ll be adding links to Content Creator material that uses the hashtag #HydraRising as we rally to take on the Red Skull. Check out the promotional video below to get ready for #HydraRising


MCM Podcast – Stealth Strike Gameplay Audio vs Crossbones

The Side Scheme Podcast – First Impressions on the Campaign Box


MCM Podcast – Stealth Strike Gameplay Audio vs Absorbing Man

Team Covenant Video – The Rise of Red Skull Campaign, Part 1

MCM Video – Solo Campaign Play-through Hawkeye vs the World


Critical Encounters Podcast: Hydra Rising and Hydra Patrol

I Rebel Blog (Written by jbailey) Hawkeye vs Spider-Woman

Hall of Cards Gameplay Video – The Dance of Death: Black Widow vs Taskmaster

Make Your Piece Games Blog – Custom Card Sleeves with Hydra Flair!

Deck-Celsior Live Stream – Full 4 Player Campaign Playthrough!

1-2 Punchboard Blog Post: Hydra Modular Melancholy

MCM Podcast: Rise of Red Skull Initial Impressions I of II

Content Creator Campaign Crossover (Gameplay 1 of 5)


Critical Encounters Podcast: What’s it like to be an Agent of Hydra?

Promotional image courtesy of Hall of Cards