Hawkeye Music Playlist

One of the side projects that Lester and I have been working on is to create a playlist for each hero. This is the first in that entry made by KennedyHawk a brief description to the inclusion of each song is enclosed below. Now do string some arrows and let them fly! If you have any suggestions to add to the list make sure to send them to marvelchampionsmonthly@gmail.com so we can adapt and add to this list.

E-Pro by Beck… One of my favorite songs so I made sure it fit onto my favorite heroes playlist. This song is the exact feeling I get when I read the Fraction/Aja run of Hawkeye.

You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid by The Offspring… A great song about a snarky character who needs to Hit’em right between the eyes. This guy must have good aim.

Arrow Through Me by Wings… Well here’s a tempo change. Just when you think a Hawkeye comic is all about archery and action – you get hit with the feels and find out it’s about love – okay and Archery.

The Middle by Jimmy Eat World… Alright, back to our alternative vibe with a classic from Jimmy Eat World. A motivational song for someone who may not think they are up to their peers. “The city is flying and we’re fighting an army of robots. And I have a bow and arrow. Nothing makes sense.” This song really captures the spirit of Hawkeye for me.

Shake Me Down by Cage the Elephant… Great song with some good vibes and tempo changes. I really like to play to this song and slap some cards on the table as the music transitions into new levels.

arrow by half-alive… Okay not going to lie. I did a little research into songs that use the word arrow. But listen to this one it really fits the Hawkeye’s need to be a toolbox character that needs to have constantly changing plans.

Sniper vs Widowmaker by JT Music, Andrea Storm Kaden… Sorry not sorry my video game background pushed this one on me. I always get a kick out of these spoof songs (this one is for Widowmaker from Overwatch). Really great beat to play as Hawkeye sniping with his arrow turn after turn. One shot one kill!

Arco Arena – Instrumental by Cake… Let them eat cake… I have to limit use of Cake music but this one is probably one of my favorite songs. It’s an instrumental song and it just sounds like some great background music as you string your bow.

Robin Hood by Louis Prime Marvel is like owned by Disney – so I feel like I need to include some reference to the classic Disney movie. Robin Hood!

Poison Arrow by ABC… Another song with arrow in the title. This love ballad comes from an awesome album “The Lexicon of Love” for that reason I couldn’t ignore it’s funky tune.

My Shot by Lin-Manuel Miranda (and the cast of Hamilton)… Hard to make a Hawkeye playlist and ignore a song with so many double meanings around the word “shot”