Hi Readers! In addition to the small snippets of Lore reading we discuss on the podcast I wanted to write up some of the research I do into Marvel comics so you can feel free to read along or get updates by following this post. I plan to update this blog-post throughout the month of May as I read more and more stories involving the Klaw. #KlawYourWayThroughMay with me and join in on the comic fun. Every issue I read and talk about is available on Marvel Unlimited!

Greetings SHIELD Agents! This is the third article in a series of new-player articles, aimed to get beginner players get up to speed on the game – Marvel Champions! This session is all about how to get a head start against those nefarious villains! How do you perform an optimal mulligan?

SHIELD AGENT Training Session 003 – Beginning a Better Battle (Mulligans!)

This article aims to take readers to the next level when performing a mulligan. In Marvel Champions you will likely cycle your deck at least once per game, so we can be farily heavy handed with out mulligan because we’ll see those cards back. In this article we will cover:

How a mulligan is performed
Mulligan Considerations