MCM #27: Power of… Iron Man

Welcome to Marvel Champions Monthly, join hosts KennedyHawk, Crimson, and special guest Daniel from the Critical Encounters Podcast as we discuss all things Iron Man! In this episode we kick off a new series and present a unique or new to us deck focused on playing Iron Man in each aspect. The decks built on air and presented here will be featured on the MCM youtube channel. Future Power of Episodes will focus on different heroes and how they can shine in each aspect. We hope you enjoy this new format and look forward to new episodes monthly!


Critical Encounters Podcast

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Ep. 23 – Hero Hype Brawl – Hawkeye versus Spider-Woman

Welcome to Marvel Champions Monthly: a Fan podcast about the game Marvel Champions! In this episode we take a new format on hero releases. The next few heroes are released in what I’ll call “pairings” so we’ll be discussing them together and talking about who’s more hype? This week it’s KennedyHawk (repping Hawkeye) vs the triple team of Amerikano, Crimson, and special guest Shane all representing Spider-Woman! I know… not only does she need 2 aspects, but 3 defenders!

Who are you more hyped for Hawkeye (best hero ever) or Spider-Woman (obvious loser)?

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Card Game Chit-Chat – Ep. 1 – Magic and Unmatched

Join KennedyHawk and Crimson as we discuss some of the other card games we play and how they relate to Marvel Champions. Playing these other games really shapes how we view Marvel and the different playstyles we talk about. Each episode we will each touch on one card game we play and what MC players may think about it. In future episode’s well be trying out a card game at the request of listeners so make sure to send us a request at [email protected]

In this episode we discuss:

Magic the Gathering: Crimson’s Topic

Unmatched: Battle of Legends: Kennedy’s Topic

BGG Card Game Lists (1 game for now :p)

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