Get to know the crew of the Marvel Champions Monthly Podcast.

KennedyHawk a.k.a Dan…

Kennedy has been dabbling in card games since 1995 when he began playing Magic. Since starting this addiction he has played almost every card game imaginable including some stellar stinkers like the Austin Powers TCG and Gridiron Fantasy Football. His top card games outside of Marvel Champions are: Star Wars LCG, Vs System 2PCG, Ashes Rise of the Phoenixborn and Doomtown Reloaded. Kennedy is also an avid tabletop player and has regularly competed in Star Wars Imperial Assault and many other miniatures games. Outside of tabletop (as if there is anything else) Kennedy works researching the analysis and measurement of mechanical vibrations.

Lester Crook a.k.a. … Jonathon

A Canadian by virtue of birth Lester has been an avid gaming fan since the early 1990s mainly absorbed by creating his own games with friends and playing Magic and D&D. As a 2 meter 14 centimeter tall person it was always assumed he would be into sports. However he preferred music and gaming from a very early age. Fantasy Flight Games became a staple on his table with Lord of The Rings LCG and Warhammer Fantasy the 3rd edition (which he spent some time doing a podcast for call Reckless Dice). He has dabbled in many other games and also had some work published as a freelance writer with FFGs Rogue Trader series. When not Aggressively saving his tabletop from the paper cut machinations of Marvel Champions notorious villains Lester oversees a large herd of goats target browsing weeds and things all over southern Alberta.

Crimson a.k.a. …

Biography coming soon…

Amerikano a.k.a. … Austin

Like many, Amerikano first started collecting Pokémon cards in the 1990s. When Team Rocket recruited his brother to cut up his collection, he stopped collecting cards. Then over 10 years later, he was introduced to Magic: the Gathering and dove head first into the world of tabletop gaming. Some of his all time favorites include Summoner Wars, Neuroshima Hex, and Res Arcana. When he’s not playing games, Amerikano is typically in his office, in the courtroom or playing with his kids.