Con of Heroes 2024 – Triple Threat!

Hey all – KennedyHawk here from MCM and the Con of Heroes planning team! I’m stoked for this years Con of Heroes and wanted to share info on the other great events happening over the weekend. The first is one I’m really excited for – our new custom, fan-made, totally not official – Epic Multiplayer modular set, Triple Threat!

An Epic Preview

I love the Marvel Champions core set. Let me make that clear: the heroes, the modular sets, the villain selection. They are all on point! I wanted to make an epic scenario in honor of those three original villains. If you attended Con of Heroes 2023 we made our first attempt at an epic multiplayer set. The entire convention played the Multiverse Meltdown modular set and dealt with the constant threat of Kang with the help of America Chavez. This required players to pass positive effects across the multiverse (to neighboring tables). It had all the outcomes I wanted in a chaotic super explosion of multiverse goodness.

This year we went with something a little more structured. Check out the scenario cards for Triple Threat!

That’s a lot of words. Consider this a mini-rule book that tells you the rules for the event. Each table will play a villain and use the Triple Threat modular set as one of their sets – at the con each row of long tables will be their own multiverse. The three epic minions will be randomly distributed among each multiverse and start out of play in the staging area. At the end of the villain phase if you have an Epic minion waiting it will warp in engaged with the first player! Let’s check out these monsters!

Each Epic minion has a different stat line and a large health pool so they will likely travel through your table multiple times! In order to defeat the villain your multiverse will have to defeat all 3 epic minions! When an epic minion passes from one game to the next the health dial goes along with as do any status conditions, but any attachments the minion may have picked up fall off (we don’t want anyone losing cards). As a multiverse you’ll have to decide which epic minion needs to be taken down first as when you take them down their shadow will linger across ALL GAMES IN THE MULTIVERSE!

The order in which you take down these epic minions is sure to spice up the game as the villain progressively gets strong just like heroes do in a game of Marvel Champions! Okay, but we mentioned some side schemes you’ll need to remove. Those are your tables way of helping the multiverse against this triad of trepidatious feelings! We don’t want any One Way or Another shenanigans so these side schemes start set aside. You’ll get three copies of Help the Multiverse in your deck so you’ll only get to bring out three of these aiding side schemes!

Let’s dive in! With this obvious choice you get a way to turn thwart directly into damage. You’ll want to bring out this side scheme before an Epic minion arrives at your table so you can take a chunk out of their hit point pool!

But as we’ve said… the theme this year is choices. So we have three other side schemes to choose from, one which counteracts each of the Epic Minions. Note: these side schemes have special text that change how they are defeated in expert mode. Savy players may find other ways of removing threat without thwarting as well!

That’s enough about our new Epic Multiplayer event for now. The modular set is sure to be full of additional minions and treacheries that power up as the game goes on. Which epic minion will you take down first? Choose wisely…

Campaign…? Campaign!

The Con of Heroes 2024 campaign takes a new innovative spin. Here you’ll be able to use any 1-5 of your favorite scenarios from Champions and simulate those battles in the X-men’s danger room! To set up this campaign you simple choose how many scenarios to take on. At the beginning of each scenario shuffle the 5 campaign environments and deal your group 2. As a team you must pick which environment to take on to challenge the team. If successful, that environment flips and becomes a benefit. Better yet you’ll continue the campaign with that benefit already in play. You may want to take on villains in ascending difficulty!

Let’s take a look at these challenges! Each of the challenges has a different spin or obstacle to overcome. Underwatch, for example, causes a lot of additional threat to be placed onto the main scheme. Hope you have a justice player!

But if you defeat this challenging environment your team is rewarded with an amazing new skill capable of helping you overcome obstacles previously impossible to defeat! You’ll have to check out the other rewards at the con or when we post the print and play versions con weekend!

What’s Next?

That’s it for Con of Heroes previews. Hone and Kennedy just recorded an MCM episode going over these two articles that may have more spoilers and gushing about our test process so be on the look out for that! If you haven’t made the most important choice of all… it’s not too late to reserve your Con of Heroes ticket. Can’t wait to see you all there!

Big shout out to the artist for these nemesis related sets and many thanks to designhacker again for their amazing templating skills and to our playtesting crew and wording check team for going over the constant revisions of these cards!

Final note: as with all of MCM and Con of Heroes custom sets – this set will be available on the MCM and Con of Heroes websites as a print and play pdf file for those unable to attend the con – this event is intended to be a gift to the community to tuning into MCM over the years – we really appreciate your support!