Con of Heroes 2024 – Go Ahead! Make a Choice!

Hey all – KennedyHawk here from MCM and the Con of Heroes planning team! I’m stoked for this years Con of Heroes and wanted to write up a few hype articles showing off some of the cool events we’ll be running at the con. We’ve got some awesome SWAG and customized events planned for this year. So, let’s get to the goods and talk about some of the con sponsored unofficial fan-made card arts and mods you can get you hands on at the con! Editor’s note – we are a few weeks out from our print date so small card tweaks may occur before then.

The theme of this year’s Con of Heroes is choices. You are making an awesome choice by playing this game and my favorite memories in Marvel Champions happen when the encounter deck forces me [the player] to make a calculated decision. All of our events will encourage you as players to make the best decisions for their table! The goal isn’t to give you analysis paralysis but to let you make some fun memories with other con-goers!

First let’s preview this years unofficial standard set. The art for this years standard set comes from the amazing Unkonwnamnesiac and it really blows me away. Some of the choices we will give you will be quite obvious. Take the new version of caught off guard for example: Friend or Foe. This card has peril so when drawn the player revealing the card should not show others at the table. As a reward for making a difficult choice they get to draw a card and each other player has the option of drawing a card. Then, the revealing player decides what happens to those tempted by the encounter card’s offer!

Other choices are more subtle. Take the new version of assault: Leading Henchmen. This year’s version of Assault comes in the form of a Standard Set minion. Will you let the minion sit engaged with you? For how long? Pinned down won’t save you but other hero tricks might let you take advantage of this. Either way, when the minion is taken out a classical assault takes place, but the players will get to decide where this attack is directed by choosing who takes down this minion!

I hope you enjoy choices as much as I do. This Standard Decisions set is full of them!

Okay – more decision shenanigans. The Tough Choices don’t end with the standard set. We have another new custom mod to be mixed in any scenario (more chaos and fun in multiplayer. Check out Overthinking It. Much like Friend or Foe, the revealing player will resolve this card in secret. Drawing a card and giving other players a choice. Then, decide what happens to those brave enough (or greedy enough) to accept their draw.

We tried not to overthink the design in this set. All eight cards begin the same way, you’ll never know what damage effect you are gambling on with the potential card draw! What choice will you make?

I want to preview one more set today. This set is super special to me and I hope it leaves a lasting legacy in your memories from the con. Check out the new Shapershifted Superpower Set.

This is a new superpower set similar to the amazing modular sets contained in the Next Evolution campaign box! It’s all about a villain being infused with shapeshifting powers. My take on it is a bit shiftier than Mystique who pops cards into your deck. Instead the modular set will shift and morph into a final form throughout your weekend at the Con. Much like a legacy game as these cards are revealed you’ll be instructed to remove stickers from a provided sticker sheet as the cards shapeshift before your eyes into their final form. When you return home from the convention you’ll have a custom modular set that may be unique from every other set at the con. Hopefully, you’ll remember the community members you were playing with when you decided what stickers and effects to place on which card!

And challenges?

Much like Con of Heroes 2023 we’ll have a new set of challenge cards. For each card there will be a special condition or setup rule you can complete. You’ll also be able to challenge yourself with modular sets picked to make the specific scenario extra challenging!

Big shout out to the artist for these nemesis related sets and many thanks to designhacker again for their amazing templating skills and to our playtesting crew and wording check team for going over the constant revisions of these cards! We have another epic multiplayer set to reveal and a new campaign structure based on feedback from the past but those I’ll have to save for another day. Rest assured they are full of exciting gameplay choices!

Alright – I’ve made a decision – I’m attending Con of Heroes 2024! What now?

Okay – I’ve won you over you plan to attend the Con – but what do you pack [card wise, please bring clothes as well]. We have a weekend full of events you are going to want to check out.

Starting Friday at 2 PM – The Con will be taking on Morlock Siege as a large group! As a convention we will need to defeat each Marauder a specific number of times before we lose a specific number of morlocks. Numbers to be determined based on how many tables are playing on Friday. The catch is you will continue defeating villains in your game until: you take them all down, you lose, or the convention loses/wins the challenge!

Starting Friday a 4:30 PM – The Con will be kicking off our new Epic Multiplayer event – Triple Threat. Be prepared as Epic Minions rampage from table to ta… wait I’m supposed to talk about that in the next preview. For this event you’ll want to bring a fairly straight forward villain. I recommend Crossbones or Taskmaster.

Saturday at 10:30 groups will form for this year’s Con Campaign. Fellow convention organizer Hone designed and crafted a unique idea for this year’s campaign. Based on our theme of choices you can run this campaign with 1-5 of your favorite scenarios. We recommend running a 2-3 scenario campaign with a team – so pack your favorite scenarios from Champions as they will all work in this Danger Room Simulation.

And that’s it for encounter cards – a very simple list this year:

  • Morlock Siege and recommended modular sets
  • Crossbones or Taskmaster and recommended modular sets
  • Your favorite 2-3 villains! (You may want to bring a few more to play throughout the weekend.

On the player card side of things I recommend bringing 4… er 5 hero decks one with each aspect. That way you are ready to jump in on any game. I expect we’ll kick off a few impromptu events with last year’s Epic Multiplayer so be sure to get ready for a great time!

Final note: as with all of MCM and Con of Heroes custom sets – this set will be available on the MCM and Con of Heroes websites as a print and play pdf file for those unable to attend the con – this event is intended to be a gift to the community to tuning into MCM over the years – we really appreciate your support!