Con of Heroes – Mojo Cinematic Universe Preview

Hey all – KennedyHawk here from MCM and the Con of Heroes planning team! I’m stoked for this years Con of Heroes and wanted to write up a few hype articles showing off some of the cool events we’ll be running at the con. If you haven’t tuned in yet we have an entire episode talking about the events, SWAG, and fun we plan to have at this year’s con. But for now let’s get to the goods and talk about another one of the fan-made custom mods (have I gotten the point across these are unofficial and not a purchasable product :p) MCM is donating to the con! Editor’s note – we are a few weeks out from our print date so small card tweaks may occur before then but with only one testing session left these are mostly locked in place.

We love the MojoMania scenario pack! We really do. The scenarios are great – and the modular sets are fresh and exciting. To add some extra spice to those scenarios requiring of MojoMania scenario pack modular sets we creates a 7th one! This time referencing and spoofing some classic sites in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Here we’ll go through a few cards but some of their effects will be more of a surprise at the con.

The Mojo Cinematic Universe is Mojo’s own creation of the MCU. The villains and their minions are extra dangerous to leave viewers amazed but the heroes are always one step ahead with some extra ways to thwart their foil!

I always chuckle when in the 3rd act of every Marvel movie the hero inevitably gets a costume upgrade – only to be nearly beaten by the villain and have the costume torn up. With this encounter card – players can ditch their old threads for something better – in fact they have to ditch at least 1 if they can!

Ah – the legendary card spread that purposefully obscures some information! Someone should make a spoof card about that… but look – we do get a reveal of the final villain (minion?) of almost every MCU project! A giant CGI-Fest Monster who is just a checkpoint for the finale act! This minion can pack quite a punch so you may have to hide out in Alter-Ego form and let your teammates take it down or do like an MCU hero does and take one to the face!

Why more Mojo sets?

The MojoMania scenarios are super fun and among my favorite in the game but many of them require use of the MojoMania mods. As modularity is my favorite thing in the game I wanted to make sure we offer something to honor the spirit of this amazing new hero pack and really gives you another option when facing off against the latest scenarios!

What’s next?

Well those are the sets that MCM designed to donate to the Con for 2023 – but there’s more to come! Last year we had an epic campaign and other goodies to go along with that – in fact I heard that Mojo just might be looking to star in that campaign as an ally or something. Okay, I’ll just throw that teaser in there with ‘obligatory’ Hawkeye art!

Big shout out to the artist for these mojo related sets. Unknownamnesiac – their vision of Mojo spoofing the MCU is a thing to behold. Thanks to designhacker again for their amazing templating skills and to our playtesting and wording check team for going over the constant revisions of these cards!

Well that’s all the previews I have for today! Watch discord and socials for another article showing off more of the awesome events we’ll be helping to facilitate at Con of Heroes!

Final note: as with all of MCM and Con of Heroes custom sets – this set will be available on the MCM and Con of Heroes websites as a print and play pdf file for those unable to attend the con – this event is intended to be a gift to the community to tuning into MCM over the years – we really appreciate your support!