Con of Heroes – Multiverse Meltdown Preview

Hey all – KennedyHawk here from MCM and the Con of Heroes planning team! I’m stoked for this years Con of Heroes and wanted to write up a few hype articles showing off some of the cool events we’ll be running at the con. In case you didn’t know tickets are still available and the cutoff date for ordering a playmat is rapidly approach [February 28th]! If you haven’t tuned in yet we have an entire episode talking about the events, SWAG, and fun we plan to have at this year’s con. But for now let’s get to the goods and talk about the event I’m most excited for Friday’s Multiverse Meltdown! Editor’s note – we are a few weeks out from our print date so small card tweaks may occur before then but with only one testing session left these are mostly locked in place.

To really up the interactions at this years Con MCM is donating a modular set and running an event that is sure to be epic in scale. If you’ve played any of the other FFG LCG’s you may recall they often had “Epic Multiplayer” scenarios to play at conventions where tables results and game-play may interact. At MCM we decided we wanted to create and unofficial, home-brew event with the same feel. Cue the multiverse.

This custom modular set was designed by the MCM team to mix in with any villain and works at a standalone table or with a group of tables all including this “Multiverse Meltdown” modular set. This oversized modular set is going to set the tone for your villainous match-up and you’ll be able to send aide to other groups (tables) in the multiverse (the convention hall). Many cards in the modular set have a Multiverse: effect. When resolving a multiverse effect on an encounter card you will choose another table and let them know what effect to resolve. As soon as reasonably possible the other table will resolve this aide you have sent them from the multiverse.

The premise of this set is that of any game of Marvel Champions. The heroes must thwart a dastardly villain – but instead of just facing off against Rhino, Klaw, or Ultron Incursions are popping up all over the multiverse!

This incursion comes in the form of a double-sided side scheme with an unstable and stable side. Deciding as a team how long you can withstand the amplify icon on the unstable side will be a key decision for you as a group. Of course if you can guard the incursion you’ll receive the aide of none-other-than America Chavez as scenario specific ally but keeping the incursion stable comes at a cost – you’ll be leaving the villains scheme unchecked!

These incursions are caused by a villainous minion – Kang himself! Players will rejoice and moan as he comes back Time After Time. Not only will the team be juggling the incursion side scheme but deciding when to defeat and when to tank Kang is another decision point for the party!

I’m excited for you to all try out Multiverse Meltdown at this year’s con of heroes. With these incursions and elite minions running amok you’ll definitely need some help from the multiverse. Don’t worry there is plenty of that too!

Why Epic Multiplayer?

At 2022’s con it’s something a lot of folks left on the feedback survey. They wanted a way for tables to engage with each other and help out as heroes should. This is MCM’s first attempt and home-brewing something like that. I’m sure we’ll have other Multiverse like sets in the future but I’m really jazzed to get feedback from a wider audience on this one.

I really loved meeting community members at the con and I think it’s an ideal place for a teamwork like multiverse event! As a con we will be playing against Klaw using this modular set at 4 PM on Friday – and if it’s fun maybe again in smaller groups throughout the weekend. We’ll track the win-rate and if 50% of the tables can take down Klaw during his deadly team-up with Kang we’ll call it a community victory!

Why Modular?

My favorite thing about Marvel Champions is the modular nature. You can imagine countless “What If?” scenarios thanks to the amazing development team at FFG. Caleb, Michael, Tony, and Nate have done an great job creating the marvel champions world we all get to play in – we wanted to highlight the amazing scenarios that FFG has put together with a new epic twist! While typically we recommend all the tables play against the same villain using this mod – you could even all square off against different villains with incursions popping up around the multiverse – at least we tested it that way a few times!

How was this tested? Can I play with with 1 table?

While we don’t have the resources to test nearly as thoroughly as FFG we have put together a rag-tag team of testers for this event. I’ve run two separate focus groups to get wording, balance, and game-play feedback leading to the product we are previewing today! Thanks to all the folks who helped bring this epic experience together with a huge shout out to our artist Chris Acuña and designhacker on discord for helping with templates! We didn’t only get feedback from community members but I was also able to run a few 3-4 table events at my local store as we tested and tweaked the scenario. Finally, yes – I know a lot of folks play at home on their kitchen table. This modular set functions for a single table event – but be warned – without aid from the multiverse some of the card effects are a bit more swingy – but rest assured – Kang can be defeated!

Well that’s all the previews I have for today! Watch discord and socials for another article showing off more of the awesome events we’ll be helping to facilitate at Con of Heroes!

Final note: as with all of MCM and Con of Heroes custom sets – this set will be available on the MCM and Con of Heroes websites as a print and play pdf file for those unable to attend the con – this event is intended to be a gift to the community to tuning into MCM over the years – we really appreciate your support!