Decked Halls 2022: Day 11 – Bird Strike

It’s the holiday season so we welcome back Decked Halls where Kennedy creates new Marvel Champions decks all through the month of December. This year I’ll be making 12 decks with one card collection that you can then build to remove deckbuilding stress over the holidays and just have a blast playing Champions with your Family and Friends. Note: During this episode I question myself on how One by One or Melee and Aggressive Energy or Warrior Skill should work – good news we have an official ruling and it increases both instances of damage!

From Hall of Heroes Ruling Page

“Warrior Skill functions similarly: it will boost up the damage of “an attack.” For multi-attack events, it can only boost up one of those attacks; but on an Attack event with one attack + multiple instances of damage, it will empower all instances. To use Melee as an example again, it will boost both instances of damage by 1, since they’re a single attack.”

Thanks for listening and have a great Holiday!

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