Holiday 2022 Custom Content

Hey all! KennedyHawk from the MCM crew. People really enjoyed our last custom environment on Halloween but for this Holiday season we went all out! Not common knowledge but plenty of Marvel villains have doned Santa’s robes during the Holiday season to complete there schemes. You can see as far back as Hulk #378 when Rhino wore the cloak as a mall Santa, you can also check out What the – ?! #10 where Dr. Doom got into the seasonal spirit. This custom modular set is able to transform any single villain scenario into a winter wonderland just like these classic stories!

In this scenario each player is given a double sided Holiday obligation card which will determine if they are Naughty or Nice. Navigating your position on Santa’s list will be essential to securing a Marvel Champions victory – so be sure to plan where you want to end up when the villain phase begins and feel free to use all your typical tricks like allies and supports.

Not only will the players get a boost so will the villain – er – Santa? The Yuletide robes will remain on the villain either upgrading their attack or scheme depending on where you fall on the list!

When setting up this scenario you will put the Secret Santa environment into play and follow the special rules setup. This states that you will not use the Standard encounter set in this scenario instead Sinister Santa versions of the standard cards are included in the Hectic Holidays modular set. Watch out for different spins on Assault and Advance and all your favorite treacheries.

Now, this Sinister Santa can’t possibly cause this Christmas Chaos on their own so they have brought a handful of elves to help out. Oh no – not the cheery kind!

Do you and your fellow heroes have what it takes to stop this fake Santa? What list will you choose to be on in your path to victory. Print and play the MCM unofficial custom content modular set as a file, or a printable pdf. As always thanks for reading and tuning in – the second half of this year’s Decked Halls series continues tomorrow!

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