Halloween 2022 Challenge: Spooky Mutagen Formula

Happy almost Halloween from the MCM crew. We typically do a holiday challenge and we won’t be holding back this year it’s going to be fun but we decided to also add a fun Halloween challenge each spooky season. As you and your favorite goblins and ghouls gather on Halloween Night enjoy this spooky twist on the Mutagen Formula Scenario.

You’ll only need to print one double sided custom card. Here’s a pdf page! Print this up and sleeve in a clear sleeve on top of any playing card to see what happens when Norman’s Mutagen Formula hits the spookiest minions of all. Your nemesis collection! Keep in mind – these cards are custom content and should not be mistaken for anything official!

In this challenge you’ll be setting up a typical game of Mutagen Formula with a modular set of your choice. Before resolving Step 1A of the Main Scheme set-up you will remove the 12 Goblin minions from the encounter deck and replace them with 12 nemesis minions from your collection! How scary?! [Designer note – In expert, also do this before the “When Revealed” ability on Green Goblin II as well!]

After this “minion swap” you’ll flip the environment over and find another twist. Each of these nemesis minions will gain the Goblin trait, even in the encounter deck! Side schemes like Overrun and Goblin Nation become a lot more spooky! Because the setup step of Unleashing the Mutagen will not find any targets each player will discard cards looking for a Nemesis Goblin minion as well!

I hope you enjoy this Spooky Halloween 2022 Marvel Champions challenge. If you liked this set-up be sure to check back this winter for our yearly challenge, check out the show for challenge set-ups each episode and come back next Halloween for more tricks and treats! If you had a great time and want to share your store I’ll be reading them on an upcoming episode of the show so send them in at [email protected]

Have a Happy Halloween!