MCM 2021 Custom Promos

Hey all! I’m excited to announce the Patron funded 2021 MCM Promos are now available for print and play. They’ll be going out as a part of our Thank you to patrons in the mail soon but I wanted to get them on the interwebs and available for people to play with right away! You’ll find download links for these custom promo print and play files at the bottom of this page – now – on to the goods!

MCM 2021 Custom Promo Card Spread

This year we design and made some customs dealing with our MCM personas (no I don’t only play Leadership in real life :p). I’m not sure what Earth designation the Marvel Champions universe is but with this mod you can slot your favorite or most hated MCM hosts into your games with this 8 card modular set. Let’s take a look at some of the cards!

This mod set comes with a zany story that ties in to some of our favorite other creators. The evil crew from Critical Encounters have teamed up with the villainous team at the Side Scheme to mind control your favorite MCM hosts. Two copies of this terrifying treachery card come in the set. When revealed you will discard the highest cost ally in play. If an ally is discarded you’ll discard from the type of the encounter deck revealing a mind controlled MCM host! If not the card will surge and you’ll lament not yet having allies in play!

First let’s take a look at my custom minion. If KennedyHawk shows up on your game he’s sure to make a few players groan. You’ll want to take him our right away because he reduces every player’s ally limit by 1 which may cause players to discard an ally when he enters play! The hatred of all things protection continues as all Protection cards and ally cards are discarded from the revealed players hand! Never forget “Green cards are gross”.

Amerikano is a stout minion boasting both Guard and Retaliate 2. He’s sure to make aggression players groan as he defends the villain! What is driving these so-called heroes to be so villainous? You’ll find out at the bottom of this article! Amerikano is sure to slow players down but his stats aren’t overly annoying so he doesn’t require immediate removal.

Crimson will need to be dealt with right away. This Justice defender comes with the Patrol ability and gives each card the engaged player reveals incite 1. Prepare to remove him last or pay the price in threat!

Always the lore expert, Attercop is here to annoy players whether they choose to play an aspect or more basic focused deck. While engaged with Attercop your Basic (gray) cards will have their cost increase by 1. He breaks down the [4th] wall between the game and players and forces you to reveal a physical comic book in order to avoid an annoying when revealed effect. Be sure to keep a copy of Captain America handy to avoid this! Our old host Lester even makes the rounds so be on the lookout for him and his aggressive shenanigans as well!

The mod set is complete with the Side Scheme’s very special side scheme. It’s a scheme that is sure to cause the heroes pain as it starts with 3 side scheme icons and then loses them as more threat is removed. In multiplayer you can even find a sweet spot where this doesn’t effect you but beware any villainous Master Plans! This mod set is a bit off the wall but was a blast to see it come to life – you can bet we’ll be adding some copies to the Con of Heroes prize pool!

I hope you enjoy this set and they are as fun to play against as they were to design and test. Thanks to all our patrons supporting us and helping cover the costs for getting this amazing commissioned art from Jonathon Rector!

Print files: