Vision Spoiler – Joining Forces

Hey all – Kennedy from the MCM team here – it has been a whirlwind holiday season but the MCM team content should be up and running again later this week! 2021 was a great year for marvel champions and I hope 2022 is even better!

It really sucks that we haven’t seen any new spoilers for Champions since last year, luckily, we have a new spoiler to share with you provided to us by the team at FFG / Asmodee!

I’m super stoked for this spoiler I’ve been thinking about it the entire holiday break but as tradition before we get to the goods I have to dump a few memes out there. The leaks and spoilers channels on discord may wish to just scroll down but I know it’ll end up like this…

The holidays are a funny time – we got this spoiler on my flight out to see my family so I’ve been eagerly awaiting our return trip to make all my memes and finish my content ahead of time (a never gonna happen New Years Resolution) – why we’ll…

This is typically how resolutions go for me… but this year it’s going to be different – I’m planning to do two things as New Years Marvel Champions resolutions and I hope the whole community will join me:

Okay. Maybe only one of these two things will actually happen! Without further blabbering and bad memes or Dad jokes here’s our spoiler for the upcoming Vision hero pack. The card is called Joining Forces and it’s the second alliance card we’ve gotten to preview.

I’ve been a bit middle of the road on many of the alliance cards but the more I play with them in multiplayer games the more exciting and entertaining they can become. Joining Forces in my opinion is one of the strongest cards to date. For 4 cost you are going to be able to have your team slap down a Guardian and Avenger ally. This card is bonkers as these allies can come into play from anyone’s hand. This gives us another tool to sneak in powerful allies like Gamora and Groot who were previously softlocked by traits.

Ideally, you’ll want to get at least a 2 and 3 cost ally into play to offset the 4 cost plus the event card itself but it offers a lot of other trickery as well with different enters play effects. Maybe you are the 4th player in an Ultron game and really need to play Squirrel Girl during the first player’s turn. Or someone really needs to drop a Brother Voodoo to fish an event out of turn? This could provide big boosts for Voltron decks looking to drop down an Iron Man and Yondu for a huge cost reduction.

Keep in mind for one player to pull this off you’ll need to have 2 allies with the right traits in your hand along with this event and the four resources to play it – not an easy feat… you may want to look for ways to stash those allies – maybe Kamala will place them under Bruno? It’s okay this isn’t Encanto – we do talk about Bruno. You could also use the new Black Panther ally to stash this event while you search for the combo pieces. However you optimize this card play it’s sure to bolster your board state and in multiplayer games it seems to rattle into more and more alliance cards with the likes of As One and Stand Together.

Whether you are excited about the new Android cards coming in the Vision hero pack or are more excited for the Protection and back of pack goodies I hope you are on the lookout for the Vision hero pack in stores later this month!

Thanks for reading and have a Happy New Year!