Valkyrie Spoiler – Intergalactic Edition

Hey all!

We received a spoiler card to share with the community for the upcoming Valkyrie hero pack and it’s something that is going to rock this world – well maybe the entire cosmos. You may know that Marvel currently has an entire line of Star Wars comics – when I saw thew title of our spoiler I knew what was happened Star Wars was [not] coming to Marvel Champions and I couldn’t be more choked up about it. It’s the first place my mind goes when I think of a space-based alliance! As with out last few articles we decided to create some low-quality memes to introduce our spoiler – get ready for a new Rebel Cosmic Alliance!

Okay – okay Star Wars isn’t really coming to Champions (that I know of) but we can have some fun with some quality Star Wars / Champions hybrid memes. Let’s begin. No classic father daughter duo can compete with Vader and Leia. Okay maybe Nebula – she tries to outshine her father as a villain, hero and who knows probably minion!

I keep using the word Cosmic Alliance I should probably dump the spoiler in here before people click away! It’s another alliance card like those we’ve seen spoiled from the War Machine hero pack! From the War Machine insert we know “Alliance – Alliance is a new keyword that appears on some player cards in this pack. When a player declares their intention to play an alliance card, any player may help pay the costs for that card.” So – this card is certain to shine in multiplayer!

The card is rather exciting on it’s own. Choosing two characters to ready – you’ll want to do this when both characters have the chance to be used twice which can be a bit tricky with timing but can lead to some really fun cooperative play. It doesn’t have to target two identity cards either so you can use with with a hero and Ally. She-Hulk with Bug and an Energy spear on the board can swing for 12 total with just this event and 3 blank cards in hand. That’s pretty rad! You can listen to the rest of the crews thoughts here:

Back to the memes! I’m not done with Nebula yet – we contracted some meme work out to dr00! Who knows the meaning of the word surge!

It can’t be a Star Wars meme page without some kind of Anakin-Padme nonsense. I try to trick my group into playing Nebula this way all the time – it never goes well.

That’s probably enough GMW jokes but I couldn’t let this one slip away!

I sometimes feel like a droid when I look up you your identity in the RRG. I may start responding to ApotropaiC this way on discord and see if he explodes :p

All the MarvelCDB deck-builders know this feeling when a new pack drops and they want to submit their sweet write-ups (like serious go check out the decks by Brian-V). For me it’s usually that I forgot to add the packs to my collection!

We can’t be done with memes without ragging on leadership for a meme or two

I keep trying to find a deck where I can feel like Plo Koon. Maybe when we get a Squid-Boy hero pack.

Alright let’s wrap this up with two memes that perfectly describe my feelings when I see Advance!

Say it with me “It’s clap never clap safe clap to clap flip!”

That’s all the time I had for meme-ing this weekend it was a busy one. Be sure to talk about this spoiler where-ever you engage about Marvel Champions. I’m super stoked for the future of the game and alliance cards in general. Check with your local game shop or the Asmodee website to preorder Valkyrie due out later this year!