DOTW #11: Spider-Man / Leadership

Hey all it’s another deck of the week. We are rounding out the core set with one final deck – Spider-Man / Leadership. I know, I know, everyone and their Aunt May has a Black Cat voltron deck but hear me out – in this pocket of the multiverse Spider-man and Felicia are teaming up as bastions of crime. Cheat against those villains and grab extra cards from the top of your deck – just try not to discard your Backflips! Deck of the Week is going to transition to something a little more infrequent – it’ll be a supplemental content piece that shows up here on the feed and on youtube – more of a “Deck KennedyHawk Played a Lot this Week”.

It gives me more time to fine-tune and generate a quality deck – and placing them on youtube as well as here let’s me use more visual aides. If you have any recommendations for DOTW be sure to reach out on discord/facebook/the social medias.


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