Amerikano’s Tier List Substantiation

I wanted to write this as a follow up to our aspect tier list episode. I hope we made it clear that our respective rankings were not our overall power ranking or our “fun” rank for each hero.

So, I wanted to give you a glimpse into my personal ranking for “fun” (i.e., hierarchy of heroes that I choose to play). Remember: just like what I say on the cast, these are my opinions about which heroes are fun for me. They can’t be wrong 😊

D Tier (“Meh, I’d rather not” Tier):

Ms. Marvel – I get it. Ms. Marvel is a popular hero, and she really plays into constant flipping, which is unique to MC and can be fun for people. I just haven’t had a ton of fun playing her and thus, haven’t wanted to go back and figure her out.

Groot – You’ve probably heard me say “use health as a resource” on the cast. It doesn’t feel like Groot gets to utilize this because he’s constantly adding and removing growth counters, which makes is power level fluctuate.

Rocket Raccoon – I’m OK with heroes that rely on minions in the encounter deck to trigger their specials, but Rocket’s 15 just don’t do it for me.

Star-Lord – His 15 are expensive, which presses you to want to utilize his ability, “What could go wrong?” I don’t like playing heroic and Star-Lord edges me toward that direction.

C Tier (“You can convince me” Tier):

Black Panther – He’s powerful, but to me he’s monotonous. You want to (and probably will, eventually) get out all his signature upgrades. Once that happens, you’re just looking for Wakanda Forever. And chances are, you’ll probably find them easily because there are 5 in the deck.

Dr. Strange – Two reasons here: 1) my wife wants to play Strange whenever she plays. 2) His Invocation deck is fun, but extremely powerful. Like, ridiculously powerful.

Hawkeye – Similar to BP in that he’s sort of monotonous. Get out the Bow and (ideally) Quiver and he can take on some difficult villains.

Scarlet Witch – I waffled on C or B tier for her. Yes, she’s powerful, but her mystic arts come at a price. I enjoy that thematic aspect to her kit. The randomness of the effects isn’t the worst thing in the world but can definitely put a wrench in your plans. I’ve been known to not get along with the RNG gods.

B Tier (“Yeah, I’ll play that hero” Tier”):

She-Hulk – Since the core set, I’ve struggled to effectively play She-Hulk. But, she’s one that I keep coming back to – and keep getting excited to come back to.

Captain Marvel – Her ability for card draw makes her a pretty fun hero to pilot. She’s what I would call the “#1 enabler hero” in the game.

Black Widow – Doing more things during the Villain phase is always a good time.

Wasp – Two hero forms that are almost like two separate heroes to play – at least, you can build for a specific form and that’s fun.

Gamora – A fun solo hero because she’s very well rounded. Maybe not the splashiest, but still makes for a lot of fun when you can do “1 here and 1 there”.

Venom – Usually I’m using only his signature weapons upgrades, but with Hand Cannon and Sonic Rifle, there are some fun decks to explore with Venom.

A Tier (“I’ll for sure play thay hero” Tier):

Spider-Man – Yes, a “baseline” hero, but several different builds that work well and are enjoyable for me: Voltron Black Cat, Heavy Defense, and surprisingly, Hard Aggro.

Captain America – Shield Toss, while more powerful than I think it should be, is just a blast to play.

Thor – Thor’s reliability on minions is fine. His kit with the AOE is pretty fun and I cannot get over perfect theme of Hammer Throw with Mjolnir – still one of my favorite things to do in the game.

Ant-Man – Probably my favorite way to play Ant-Man is to get out all of the Army of Ants and just ping ping ping.

Quicksilver – His ability to burst to huge amounts of threat removal, damage and his shielding ability makes Quicksilver an exciting hero for me to play.

Spiderwoman – The unique combinations make Spiderwoman a blast – even if I’m not always diligent in creating new decks for her.

S Tier (“If no one else is choosing these, I will” Tier):

Iron Man – My main from the core box. Yes, you want to build up his suit, but you don’t need every piece to feel like you can do something. Also, once his suit is built, he can do a lot of little things which makes him versatile, but I don’t feel like his kit makes him overpowered.

Hulk – Alright, yes. I’ll admit that Hulk has some problems. But there are few things in MC that make me happier than exhausting Hulk, playing Hulk Smash to do 13 damage to the villain. And then seeing the look on your teammates faces when they realize how terrifying that would be for the villain.

Drax – My new main. I love this style of play. Berserker type characters speak to me. Taking multiple villain attacks in the first villain phase (in multiplayer or with an unfortunate treachery) ramp him up really quickly. That’s fun. Now he has an almost Spider-Sense (yes, I know that he must be attacked, and not just have an attack initiated against him).

There you have it. Let me know how much you disagree with my fun rankings. You can comment below or @ me on our Discord.