Villainous Returns Custom Content – Designer Insight – Eat Crowbar!

Hey all,

KennedyHawk here! I wanted to provide a brief update on the next Volume of Villainous Returns! You may recall the first volume focused on injecting some new life into the Marvel Champions coreset. The strive in this series is to provide campaigns with monthly content (about 4-5 months on and 2-3 months off) that enhances the awesome cards that FFG puts out. Remember – this is complete custom and fan-made but integrates in a fun way with official Marvel Champions content. The content provided via Villainous Returns is always freely available as print and play either here or on the MCM Discord!

As we prepare to launch Villainous Returns Volume 2 I was encouraged to provide some designer insights – so I’ll be doing 1-2 articles a month to preview the content and let you know what’s coming up. I couldn’t complete This first article without giving people something to print and play – so I’m also previewing and releasing a stand-alone mode set at the bottom of the article. For this Volume of our custom campaign I’m teaming up with infamous fan/custom developer Designhacker. So expect to see his beautiful aesthetics along with his truly ingenious design all throughout the campaign!

Villainous Returns Volume 2 intends to add content that intermingles with the first two scenario packs and the first campaign box. You’ll find yourself fighting against both Green Goblin Scenarios, the Wrecking Crew, and a few villains from the Red Skull box. Just like Volume 1 heroes will move onto the next scenario win or lose, so you won’t be stuck fighting the same villain over and over. Today’s article focuses on the villains in the first mission – the Wrecking Crew. As always the card you see here may not be the final version we are still testing the scenario out and going through an internal and external wording audit!

One common complaint about the Wrecking Crew is that the players have TOO much control. They can almost decide who the active villain is and belittle the scenario. The first scenario Wrecking Crew Redux intends to fix that. Setup begins like normal but the crew is trying out some new tactics as they are Breakin’ & Escapin’.

The threat threshold is lowered to a reasonable number for player counts 1-4. In addition there is a new mechanic the Redux deck. This is created by the environment Wrecking Havoc which is placed at setup. This environment creates a deck of 4 cards – one associated with each Wrecking Crew member. Each card provides a different static buff to the active villain and these cards act as a randomizer to determine the active villain each round. You’ll never quite know which crew member is coming at you each round. Each villain has 3 different passive buffs (one for each villain is shuffled into the Redux deck). This allows players to customize their experience with the easier or harder buffs or fully randomize it by selecting one random environment for each villains.

What happens to these environments when a crew member suffers an inevitable defeat? Why they stay out the whole game. Players will now need to think carefully about which crew member they take out first. This is something that SHOULD be in the player’s control. Not who is punching at them when.

As if that wasn’t enough – each crew member has a new modular set that is mixed into their villain deck. For this first scenario you’ll only be shuffling in cards 2-5 but fear not each crew member headlines their own modular set like Wrecker and these modular sets can be used with other villains like those we covered in Villainous Returns Volume 1. I hope you are excited to see the Wrecking Crew throughout the campaign because after the first scenario each player will randomly select a crew member modular to become their Nemesis minion set for the rest of the campaign! Prepare to Eat Crowbar. The goal here was to capture an aspect of each Wrecking Crew member and have them haunt you throughout your games as in the comics these goons just keep popping back up!

So this seems like things could get out of control pretty quickly. Next Sunday I’ll have another article highlighting the campaign reward system and what new toys our heroes will get to fight these pumped up villains. In the meantime be sure to play and complete Villainous Returns Volume 1 as each player will earn their team a bonus just for having played the last campaign (win or lose)! Expect Volume 2 to kick off in full in mid-to-late August!

Alright – that’s enough about the upcoming campaign. I wanted to offer players something to sink their teeth into. Unrelated to Volume 2 of the campaign I’ve been working on some “helper” modular sets and this first one focuses on how to help players out during Galaxy’s Most Wanted. It’s a seven card modular set that is ready to print and play and allows any character to team-up with Captain Marvel on a Cosmic Adventure! This set is available for print and play right now in this PDF.

The goal here is to give player’s a fighting chance against some of the tougher villains. You’ll start with an ally in play Captain Marvel (Cosmic Force). She will move around the table with the first player token much like she’s flying outside the Milano but can also aide players in the Collector’s museum! Carol is a powerful ally with 2 ATK and 2 THW. She can even block in a pinch but be careful; if she takes too much damage you’ll be forced to flip her to a weaker state and deal yourself an encounter card (this card goes to Captain Marvel’s controller the first player).

In addition to this ally you’ll shuffle 6 cards into the encounter deck. These cards all offer a bonus to the player controlling Captain Marvel and sometimes offer a double-edged sword (such as stunning both the revealing player and the villain. Carol is there to help the heroes and give them a better Warning. just before a villain attack or surge occurs. Be careful though Doctor Minn-Erva is here and prepared to stop Carol but she will provide a burst of power to the first player when this minion is defeated.

Wait! What is a player going to do if they want to play as Captain Marvel from the core set?!?@ Well, luckily the amazing writers at Marvel have created a whole multiverse of sorts and the Captain Marvel in this modular set can just come from a different multiverse. Dang variants! This modular set will hopefully breathe some new life into your Galaxy’s Most Wanted campaign as you await both the official Mad Titan’s Shadow release and the release of Volume 2 of our custom campaign! I hope you enjoyed this look into my brain as I cook up fun custom/fan sets to enhance my Marvel Champions experience!