Villainous Return – Marvel Champions Unofficial Campaign – Scenario #5: Age Of Ultron

Welcome to the fifth scenario in the Villainous Return campaign. See the campaign overview page for an overview of the campaign procedure and then jump back here to get set-up.

Scenario #5 – Age of Ultron

Villain Deck :

Ultron (I), Ultron (II)

Remove Ultron (I) and add Ultron (III) for expert or insane mode.

Main Scheme Deck: The Crimson Cowl, Assault on NORAD, Countdown to Oblivion

Encounter Deck: Ultron set, Standard set, Return of Ultron*, Under Attack, and Advanced Under Attack* modular sets.

Add the expert set for expert and insane mode.


Place the campaign set-up card “Ranged Support“ into play controlled by the first player. Place 1 snipe counter on “Ranged Support”. Place 1 additional snipe counter on “Ranged Support” for each loss in your campaign log.

  • Standard: No special rules.
  • Expert: Resolve the “When Revealed” effects on The Crimson Cowl an additional time
  • Insane: Resolve the “When Revealed” effects on The Crimson Cowl an additional time. Search the deck for Upgraded Drones and attach it to the Ultron Drones environment card.

Required Custom Set Print Files

Hero Hints:

  • You may be tempted to use your snipe counters on Ranged Support to get ahead early. Consider holding counters for moments when you become overwhelmed.
  • Leaving a threat near popping can have adverse effects – keep threat on the main scheme as low as possible!

If the players win or lose:

  • Record this outcome in the campaign log.
  • Each player selects one final aspect to add to their available aspects if able.
  • Proceed to Scenario #6: Super-Villain Team-Up