Villainous Return – Marvel Champions Unofficial Campaign – Volume 1

Hello readers! We’ve been hard at work stringing together some of the custom content KennedyHawk has worked on to create a fun new way for you (along with your friends and family) to play Marvel Champions. This month we will be introducing an unofficial monthly campaign set-up to enhance your Marvel Champions experience. Things kick off with the core set and a series of 6 missions that run us through different core set scenarios with some added custom content to create a fun campaign experience. For this initial campaign (Villainous Returns) we’ll be dropping two scenarios at a time – and then, beginning in April, we will drop 1 scenario per month hoping to give the community something fun to play along with. Everything custom that you’ll need to set-up your initial campaign is included here and on the scenario pages. So read on brave heroes and begin the first MCM custom campaign: Villainous Returns. For this first campaign you will need to have a copy of the Marvel Champions Core Set so check out the Asmodee website if you still need a copy! Note, this campaign is a free-to-play, unofficial document to enhance your fun when playing Marvel Champions. No sales or profit is made from the generation of this content – it is solely there for the community to enjoy Marvel Champions content in a new way. Let’s go over the campaign rules.

Campaign Mode Rules

Much like Rise of Red Skull, players will be able to play through a series of scenarios. In this first campaign you’ll be playing through 6 scenarios. Two against each core-set villain. To complete the campaign you must complete each mission in numerical order starting with Issue #1. A loss still moves players on to the next scenario – thus, there is no need to repeat a scenario in a play-through.

To begin, each player chooses a hero and an aspect (pick two for Spider-Woman). Unlike Rise of Red Skull players are not able to change aspects between each scenario – instead you will stick with your initial choice and additional aspects will be added to your deck building pool as the campaign progresses. Note, you can change your deck between scenarios but must keep the same hero and construct your deck within normal deckbuilding rules selecting an aspect from your pool.

Again, just as in Rise of Red Skull, you should set up a scenario per the normal game rules but consult the MCM page or rules pdf to learn what modular sets and other special setup instructions there are for each scenario. When a game ends, if the players win, follow that scenario’s victory instructions. If the players lost, follow that scenario’s loss instructions and move on to the next scenario of the campaign.

Campaign Log

On this page you can find a blank campaign log. You’ll use this to record pertinent information as you progress through this campaign. At the end of each scenario make sure to record this information as it can effect future game set-ups and deck building limitations. You can download a campaign pdf rule book here.

Cards Added to Decks

During the campaign, cards may be added to a players’ deck as a result of a scenario. When a card is added to a player’s deck, write that card’s title in the matching field of the campaign log. Also, write down the restricted card into the character Restriction List. Cards added to your deck must be included in your deck for future scenarios and do not count against your 40 card deck building minimum. Cards that are restricted are no longer available for deck-building for that player for the remainder of the campaign!

Campaign Difficulty

The campaign offers three levels of difficulty. Standard, Expert, and Insane. Select a difficulty level and record this on your campaign log. Scenario set-up instructions may vary depending on the difficulty level. There is no persistent damage in this campaign but players may choose to follow the same rules from Rise of Red Skull for an extra challenge.

Abandoning and Combining Campaigns

Campaigns don’t always work out. Maybe you selected Hulk Aggression and are just not having fun with your group when you reach Scenario 3. Choose another character aspect pairing and play a second solo campaign to catch yourself up. When you want to join a campaign you’ll need to combine campaign sheets. You will write down your rewards from this new campaign into a new mission log. So players may end up with different rewards when combining campaigns. When combining campaign logs and filling out the win/loss record, record a win if either campaign log had a win as this effects future scenario difficulty.

Custom Cards

Custom Cards needed for a scenario are available on that scenario’s page. You can print these on normal paper and sleeve them in front of your regular Marvel Champions cards and even mix them into your normal games. Cards that appear as rewards are at the bottom of the scenario and cards needed for setup are after the special scenario set-up instructions.


Special Thanks to Campaign and Modular Testers and Proofers:

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Special Thanks to Artists

Jonathon Rector (MCM-cover art and character designs)
David S Livens (Return of the Rhino Set)
Various Marvel comic book artists who bring our favorite characters to life