Clobberin’ Time – Vol. 2

Last year we initiated a Clobberin’ Time challenge to flex your deckbuilding skills with a shrinking card-pool. It urged players to use their entire card-pool to run a gauntlet of villains! With more hero packs and Galaxies Most Wanted on the horizon, we’ve revised the challenge a bit so that it can be used as the landscape of Marvel Champions is ever-growing. With now 14 heroes and 12 villains playing through everything is somewhat a large task instead your card-pool can be randomized by release! If you are more of an audio person I’ve recorded an overview of the challenge as well embedded below!

For Season 2 of Clobberin’ Time you play a gauntlet of five villains until all five are defeated.

To set-up the challenge take the following steps:

  1. Randomly select 8 heroes from Marvel Champions
  2. Set aside cards based on the pool below for each hero. A quick reference for these pools can be found here – but it boils down to the cards in that hero pack’s release (or for core set and campaign box heroes the cards in that character’s preconstructed deck).
  3. Sort your set aside cards so that you have exactly:
    8 heroes and signature sets
    3 of each non-unique card
    1 of each unique card
  4. Place any remaining cards back into your storage solution
  5. Randomly select 5 villains (optional: also use random modular sets)

You are now ready to begin your Clobberin’ Time experiment! Pick a villain of your choosing and make a deck with your set aside card-pool. I recommend keeping the set aside cards in a separate storage box like a 400 ct card box! After playing the encounter…

If you win – record a win on your play log, return the cards from your current deck to your general collection. They are removed from future deckbuilding.

If you lose – return these cards to your set-aside pool and tinker your deck attempting the villain again.

Continue this until you have defeated all 5 randomly selected villains. As you defeat each villain your card-pool will shrink and you’ll have to use some sneaky deckbuilding to complete your gauntlet!

Depending on how many losses it takes to clear the five villain gauntlet you’ll get a rating.

0 Losses: Avenger – You are truly heroic, try this on expert or heroic if you haven’t yet.

1-2 Losses: Honorary Avenger – You came close to perfection and belong among the ranks of the Avenger’s try again with a new spawn and see what cards shine and carry you through

3-5 Losses: Cross-over Team This exercise in deckbuilding was a bit of a stretch, embiggen you thinking and see what cards are really necessary for each villain/hero matchup.

6+ Losses: West Coast Avenger – Try and try again, consider trying on standard mode – or adding an extra hero deck to your card pool to start!

If you want to play along with KennedyHawk here is his first gauntlet he will be tackling in expert mode!

Notes and Tips:

Note some cards are in multiple hero pools. In the end when you set up your cards you’ll still only keep 1 of each unique card and 3 of each non-unique. This means across your five games you’ll only have access to Nick Fury once and the basic resources three times each. Use them wisely!

Be sure to attempt the easier villains first – with minimal use of key cards. Sometimes using the strongest hero and not commonly used cards can still squeak out a win!

The main marvel champions discord has a randomizer bot that can randomly select a hero and mission. We’ve added a third command !clobberin will spawn a Clobberin’ Time challenge for you.

You can save a copy of the linked playlog sheet to track your progress.


References images are shown below that let you know which cards to include in your pool depending on the heroes you randomly select. As heroes release we will add them to the growing pool below.