Power Of… Ms. Marvel w/ BeatDGame

Welcome to Power of… a new MCM Production. In each issue Episode of Power Of we will focus on one hero and a fun way to play them with each of the four aspects contained in Marvel Champions. Each episode an MCM host is joined with a guest from the community to focus on one of their favorite heroes. For this first official “Power of” Episode we have Steve Kimmel from BeatDGame. Steve brings decks for his favorite hero: Ms. Marvel and you can find a ton of great gameplay and deckbuilding content at the link to his youtube channel below. For now… let’s uncover the Power of: Ms. Marvel.

BeatDGame Youtube

Ms. Marvel Aggression by KennedyHawk

Ms. Marvel Justice by BeatDGame

Ms. Marvel Protection by KennedyHawk

Ms. Marvel Leadership by BeatDGame

Ms. Marvel Basic by BeatDGame