Not ‘Nuff Said – #1 – Eat Your Veggies!

Welcome to Not ‘Nuff Said – a new MCM production. In this series KennedyHawk and Attercop discuss their love of comics alternating between talking about recent issues they have picked up and issues that tie directly into the Lore of Marvel Champions the Card Game. In this first issue – Kennedy and Attercop discuss the summer crossover event EMPYRE and two specific tie-ins. Empyre: Captain America #1-3 and Empyre: X-Men #1-4. We conjecture about how these stories could stretch the game of Marvel Champions. Be sure to listen and hear about Captain America as he punches evil-plant-space-wizards – and how Explodey Boy (real code name) needs to eat his veggies!

Issues discussed:

Empyre #1-6 (recap)

Empyre: Captain America #1-3

Empyre: X-Men #1-4

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