Rise of Red Skull Spoiler – Gonna’ Need Something Giant

Thanks to Evan and the folks at Fantasy Flight Games we have an awesome spoiler image to share with you all from the upcoming The Rise of Red Skull campaign expansion. Without further ado watch the video below to find out all about this giant Ally. He’s kind of a big deal! My son (KennedyHawk Jr.) wanted to make a fun video to reveal our card so he bossed me around while we recorded this epic video.

That’s right… we got a size-changer (no Giant trait through RIP). No not the size-changer we all want a Team-Up card for but Goliath aka Bill Foster.

We all wish….

He has an awesome ability and combos really well within the leadership aspect. Even without any combos you can play Goliath, thwart for 6 over 3 turns and then swing for 5! Value! Combine him with cards like Get Ready or Inspiring Presence and he can really get some burst damage out. We can all agree even with amazing stats the best part of Goliath is his flavor text!

Huge Ally!

Bill has some pretty crazy rules interactions with cards like Rapid Response and Make the Call that our friends from The Card Text mini-podcast will be discussing on our next episode (releasing this weekend) so be sure to give it a listen or heckle them on discord. We keep discussing Bill… but it’s important to point out the ally features in this card are is actually Tom, Bill’s nephew and it’s from the cover of World War Hulk: Aftersmash! Damage Control #3. Be sure to always give credit to Tom for his heroic feats in the aftermath of the WWH event! Maybe we’ll get an Organized play card with art from the other Goliath, Bill!

Comic cover for Bill….er Tom’s epic appearance

If you played around with the nefarious Red Skull on discord today he released small snip-its from all over the card and the community was correctly able to find the art. The good boy features in this art is featured throughout the arc. KennedyHawk continues to demand Justice for Pizza Dog so we wanted to highlight this non-Pizza Dog pup. The dog’s name is Fluppy and has an amazing 5 comic book appearances.

Missing the Good Boy trait.

Will we get the Pizza Dog support we all deserve? Maybe… maybe not. Check out the content creator calendar at the bottom of this page to see the last few content spoilers while we wait for the dog we all know we want.

Pizza Dog or Bust!

Thanks for checking out our spoiler reveal – we try to be at least mildly entertaining. Until next time Hawkeye4Ever boo Spider-Woman! Check out the other spoilers coming out and the Rise of the Red Skull expansion coming in September 2020.

Who can?

Obligatory content creator spoiler calendar!

Hail Hydra

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