Heroic Intuition: Iron Man/ Tony Stark (Hero Kit Inspection)

Let’s take a look at the 16 cards that make up my favorite hero in the game to play: Iron Man

Tony’s Alter-Ego is nice. It’s better than simply providing you a resource because it lets you choose which resource you want. But more importantly, it lets you dig to find more pieces of his essential armor – especially with an unfortunate mulligan.

Iron Man’s ability is pretty straightforward and directly affects how you want to play Iron Man: build his suit as soon as you can. The faster you can do that, the faster you can get into the fray. And, as you’ll see below, I think the hero cards allow Iron Man to do a lot once he’s in the fray.

Cards I Love:
Pepper Potts – getting Pepper out early can really help boost the number of Tech upgrades you can play quickly. Also, a well timed activation to give you Aerial and not requiring you to spend a card is satisfying.

Arc Reactor – I’m a big fan of cards that let you ready your identity (Hero in this case). It helps if you’ve just dealt with your Obligation, Business Problems. Or it lets you thwart for 4. The flexibility here is great.

An awesome card that makes Iron Man extremely versatile.

Cards I Like:
Repulsor Blast – 1 cost for a potential 13 damage. Why not?

All 5 discarded cards must have an energy resource
(including the Energy card) to get to 13 damage.

Supersonic Blast – 2 resources for (most likely) 8 damage is a great value. I typically only play this with Aerial, unless I only need 4 damage to defeat the Villain’s stage or a pesky minion with Guard.

Really, it’s either a 2 cost for 4 damage or a 3 cost for 8 damage.

Card(s) I Dislike:
War Machine – AOE cards are conditionally good. War Machine is very helpful against Ultron; not as good against other current villains. I usually find myself ditching War Machine for the wild resource.

I love how thematic his kit is: Tony needs time to get his armor on, without it, he’s pretty much worthless against the villain. Once the armor is on, he can handle just about anything. Thanks for reading!


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