Mojoverse Video Roundup #1

Hey everyone,

This article is a video round-up highlighting some of the recent content from our channel and around the Marvel Champions globe. We’ll do these occasionally to show some cool highlights.

Feeling Green?

Can’t wait to get a hold of Hulk in August? Us either – for now we’ll have to do with She-Hulk. In this video KennedyHawk takes She-Hulk / Protection on against Rhino in a quick Deck Tech and Gameplay.


Crimson overviews a fan-made custom hero set of Wolvering a.k.a. Logan! How does this fan-content hold up? Find out with Crimson in this video!

Community Highlight: Dale the Casual Gamer

In this video, Dale the Casual Gamer, plays a 2-handed game against Green Goblin using the team-up from the Winter Soldier. Do Steve and Natasha have what it takes?

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