Ep. 13 – Super-Hero Smash Up!

Welcome to Marvel Champions Monthly: a Fan Podcast. We are a (now) twice a month podcast about Marvel Champions the card game by Fantasy Flight Games. In this Episode join hosts: KennedyHawk,  Crimson, and Amerikano as we go over various topics. We discuss a fun way to deck build for Marvel Champions, using the shuffle building concepts of AEG’s Smash Up. We provide 25 card decks (one for each aspect) that are meant to be versatile and shuffled in with any hero. Once Black Widow is publishable on MarvelCDB we’ll release them there. Finally, we dissect the nefarious villain phase and break down the exact steps that occur when a Villain activates!

Show Notes

0:00 Intro, News, Recent Plays

8:30 Carol Danvers Casual Champions

10:00 Super-Hero Smash Up (Justice)

17:30 Super-Hero Smash Up (Leadership)

23:50 Super-Hero Smash Up (Protection)

32:50 Super-Hero Smash Up (Aggression)

36:45 Rules Lawyer Debate: Villain Activation

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