Heroic Intuition: Spider-Man/ Peter Parker (Hero Kit Inspection)

It’s time for another Hero Kit Inspection with Amerikano. Is Spider-Man all webbed-up or full of S-tier goodness…

This article’s topic: Peter Parker a.k.a. the Amazing Spider-Man

While in Alter-Ego form, Peter Parker will generate one Mental resource per round. On its face, I don’t think it’s as good as Carol Danvers’ ability to just draw a card. Especially because Carol can choose a player to get the draw. But, some card abilities (none in Spider-Man’s signature cards, however) interact with and require a Mental resource. When you’re specifically looking for a Mental resource, this is nice.


Spider-Man’s Spider-Sense is pretty good. It doesn’t have a limitation on the number of cards you can draw. But be careful. In only triggers when an enemy initiates an attack against you.


Cards I Love:

Black Cat – she is currently the only ally in the game that doesn’t take any consequential damage from making an attack. Also, she may be able to pay for herself with her Forced Response ability. Plus, “Hero for Hire” has got to be the coolest trait in the game, even if it doesn’t do anything (yet). Are we going to get other Heroes for Hire?


Backflip – a zero cost card that prevents all damage from an attack? This card is so good. Level III Rhino is attacking with Charge (that’s a base attack of 7!) “Insert your favorite Spider-Man quip addressed to Rhino here.” (Editor’s note: I’m partial to “Have you been practicing? That almost hit me!”)


Cards I Like:

Aunt May – having Aunt May recover 4 damage is amazing. It can get PP a review of 7 or simply get you a better review than your REC stat and allow you to flip to Spider-Man form ready for a basic ATK/THW.

Enhanced Spider-Sense – 1 cost card to immediately cancel the effects of a treachery card. This is really, really good. This stops Shadows of the Past. And the dreaded Advance. The downside to this superpower is that you must be in Hero form to play it. This doesn’t make a whole lot of thematic sense, unfortunately.


Cards I Dislike:

Swinging Web Kick – This card just feels uninspired. 8 damage for 3 cost is a really good value. A great value even. There are 3 copies in Spider-Man’s kit. And that art! Maybe I just talked myself into liking SWK.


 Web-Shooter – I like that this generates a wild resource. I don’t like that you need to exhaust it and remove one of the three starting counters from it to actually generate the wild resource.

There you have it. That’s my quick take on Spider-Man / Peter Parker’s hero kit. Let me know which if Spidey’s cards you like best.

Thanks for reading!


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