Ep. 10 – Hail Hydra! Campaign Box Announcement Special -and- A New Hero?

Join hosts: KennedyHawk, Crimson, and Lester as we dis— wait, what’s that — ANOTHER HOST! Amerikano joins the cast as a Protection specialized co-host. This episode is all about the big campaign box reveal. We’ll be discussing everything we’ve seen about the box with an overview of: Spider-woman, Hawkeye, the Villains, the Campaign mode and we’ll wrap things up with a discussion about the silhouette prompts for the next wave of villains and heroes! Special Thanks to Guardian Games from Portland, OR. You can find them on facebook and thank them for the support to our show.

Show notes:


Spider-Women Discussion (5:00)

Hawkeye Discussion (19:00)

Villain Discussion (36:00)

Campaign Mode Discussion (56:00)

New Silhouette Guesses (1:05:00)

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